Posted on Sep 13, 2019

FastFix Car Battery Replacement Service

【 Doing Business is Tough 】

...especially when we get customers who refused to pay after services rendered. 😥😪

Fastfix tries our best for all our customers, we work as fast as we can, ask questions on your situation and give you a quick brief of what to expect (more on this later), we quote both verbally and state our prices & conditions in Whatsapp before we go, and we ask for your "OK" in reply on text so all parties have an understanding and agreement. Why do we state our conditions? So we have an understanding that in case your problem is not the car battery, we still need to charge for transport and onsite diagnosis of whatever other issue your car has.

And so when we go, we go on the basis customer is our boss, we work for you at the rate you agreed in writing.

Yes, Mr C, you are out boss.

So when we got the affirmative "OK" and confirmation from Axa Towers, 8 Shenton Way during the evening peak, we went to this particular customer in the CBD, paid ERP, and parking, and put our effort to help rescue his car because it could not start.

The last thing we expect is to not get paid.

We recognize the fact we may not have helped your situation because your car had a problem that cannot be fixed in a car park (needs workshop), but we had explained over the call if your car cannot start, it could be due to other factors such as the ignition or fuel pump among many other possibilities, though batte
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