Posted on Aug 27, 2019

FastFix Car Battery Replacement Service

All car batteries are similar right?

Nope! Let's take #Amaron one of the most trusted brands of batteries in Singapore to illustrate the point.

Why are they most trusted? They are used by the largest fleets in Singapore, with the vehicles that if broken down because they cannot start, would immediately lose revenue. What am I talking about? The top taxi companies use Amaron because it assures them safe reliable service for a long time!

"Amaron are all the same" - that is not a true statement!

There is the Hi Life, Hi Life Pro and Hi Life Duro EFB.

If you wanted a reliable long lasting battery, the Hi Life would make a good choice! If you wanted something just a long lasting but with stronger starting power and greater storage capaciy than the standard - go for Amaron Hi Life Pro.

And finally, the Hi Life Duro EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery) is for those whose newer cars are fitted with Start Stop fuel saving tech, like the Mazda Skyactiv i-Stop enabled cars.

Specifically designed to withstand repeated engine starts this is for cars equipped with Start Stop fuel saving feature. When your battery is weakened or old, the i-Stop will illuminate yellow to let you know it is time to change!

Choose the right one for your car, choose from Amaron!

For the best and freshest battery stock, call 81145500! We go to you anywhere in Singapore!
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